Sunday, November 9, 2008

These Children Make Me Smile!

What wonderful gifts from God! I cannot believe God has actually entrusted these two amazing children into mine and David's care. They bring us so much joy and give us more understanding of His unconditional love for us. This whole parenting thing really is quite difficult. There are many times when we have no idea how to guide or discipline these two. But, we are praying and trusting that God will guide us as their parents. He promises to help us in the temper tantrums, the potty training, the pleas to stay up just a little bit longer, the spills, the teething, the scraped knees, and the messes. And all along the way, he blesses us with the kisses, the hugs, the singing, the laughter, the smiles, and the I love you too's! What a gracious God we serve!

Halloween Fun!

These are just a few of our Halloween pictures. We were actually in Atlanta this year to celebrate with Dawn, Caleb, and Luke. I forgot to take my camera to Atlanta, so the trick-or-treat pictures are still on my mom's camera. I will post them when I remember to get them off her camera! However, we have a few from the"Boo at the Zoo." David and I got to take Mary Woods there one night before we left for Atlanta. Hardy had an ear infection and a tooth trying to appear, so he was not in the mood for such events. So, we had a great time just being with Mary Woods. It's nice to spend one on one time with them when we get a chance. She really liked the lights and candy stations.

We also got a nice surprise in the mail from Grandaddy and Grandmama. We opened a package full of candy, toys, and books! The kids loved getting mail.

"Boo at the Zoo" with Daddy

"Boo at the Zoo" with Mama

Thanks for the Halloween presents Grandmama and Grandaddy!