Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Quote from M&M

God wants to change us into people who are truly noble; people who reflect an unswerving confidence in who He is that equips us to face all of life and still remain faithful. God wants us to be courageous people, who are deeply bothered by the horrors of living as part of a fallen race, people who look honestly at every struggle, who feel overwhelmed by what we see, yet emerge prepared to live. Scarred, still troubled, but deeply loving...When the fact is faced that life is profoundly disappointing, the only way to make it is to learn to love. And only those who are no longer consumed with finding satisfaction now, are able to love. Only when we commit our yearnings for perfect joy to a Father we have learned to deeply trust, are we free to live for others, despite the reality of a perpetual ache.

Larry Crabb

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Gratitude...

27. Dad and Vicky who kept the kids last weekend so that David and I could run our first race together.
28. Good friends that allow us to use their condo for vacation.
29. Forming a new miniflock at church
30. Gym memberships for me and David
31. The childcare workers at the gym who know my children by name, and take good care of them while we work out
32. A nice pool at the gym where the kids LOVE to swim
33. Old friends that come back into your life... how you get to enjoy them in a new way
34. Teresa's (David's mother) surgery went well today!
35. Disney on Ice is this week, and my kids are so excited!
36. A new "boy" bike for Hardy that we got by trading MW's old "girl" bike
37. A culdesac with good neighbors and great kids
38. Sleeping children
39. Spring flowers
40. Luke's baseball games